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Building Permits are required for most construction projects. Please verify with City Hall if your project requires a permit. Permits can be obtained at City Hall. 

Dumpster Permits are required at no cost for all residential and commercial projects. Dumpsters may not be placed on public streets or alleys without permission from City Hall.

Pet License/Registrations
are good for the life of your pet at no cost. You must still annually provide an updated rabies vaccination certificate to City Hall. A Kennel License is also required for 3 or more unneuterd/unspayed animals.

Golf Cart Licenses are due annually at $10.00 per cart.

Leaf Burning is permitted within city limits from October 1st through December 1st between 12 pm until 8 pm on your own private property. The burning of garbage or other materials is not permitted.  

Composting Site (map) is located north of State Hwy 109 between Rose Hill Cemetery and 6th Ave NW and is open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.

Drug Drop Box for unused/expired over-the-counter and prescription drugs is located in the lobby of City Hall. Please do not dispose in the garbage or toilet.

Home Occupations require registration and a license. Please call City Hall for information.

Rental Properties require registration and a license. Please call City Hall for information.